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  • Stefano Mazzalai

    Stefano Mazzalai

    Technical Marketer. SQL, Python, APIs, Soccer, Soulful House ♫

  • Sean Kim

    Sean Kim

    Kim & Park (Rype | https://www.rypeapp.com, Pulsing | https://pulsing.com)

  • Christian Johns

    Christian Johns

    Web Developer. Lover of all things sports, food, and beer related. Pretty big stats geek.

  • Fangfei Shen

    Fangfei Shen

    Senior Software Engineer @ Dropbox

  • strpsrchLA


    Thoughts, musings, and reflections on the city of Angels. New postings every Thursday.

  • Julien Barbe

    Julien Barbe

  • Josh Alman

    Josh Alman

    Studying Math and Theoretical Compsci at MIT

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